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Ive owned my raider since Feb, I have done alot of changes to it, I can honestly say
it is a custom bike , it sit`s in the corner of the mechanic`s area with an old blanket over it
at the dealership where i bought it , it`s never been prep`d or started. cobra was supposed to supply
the pipes Feb, Mar, April, no pipes cancel that order! Order Morton`s in April four weeks they said, ya, right
Maybe by the 20th of May They say now. Im really getting burned out on this whole thing, losing interest fast. the original
pipes where taken off to do custom wheels and a 240. Ive built fast street cars, and a
couple of drag cars, but never have i experienced so much excitement and so much disappointment at
the same time. I think i`ll grab a beer sit back and say screw it!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeasyride47
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