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There's been a lot of good discussion here lately about which Fuel Processor is the best - Power Commander, Dobeck/Techlusion, Cobra, Vance & Hines, etc. Based on past experience with previous rides, everybody has their favorite. You all know that I'm a fan of the Dobeck TFI, based on my experience with my Mean Streak. My brother has installed a PCIII on more than one of his rides, including his 105HP M109, so of course, you can bet on what's best for him.

The stock ECU in the majority of fuel injected bikes on the market functions within a very narrow range, compensating for temperature and elevation changes, throttle position, engine load, fuel quality, etc... The purpose of any Fuel Controller is to assist the stock ECU in assuring that the Air/Fuel ratio remains ideal for powerful, efficient combustion (approx 13.5:1), after we install aftermarket intakes, pipes, etc.

We already know that the Raider is special (awwwww :angel:). But there's more to it. I was speaking with Thunder Manufacturing yesterday regarding their new Hi Flow intake kit for the Raider (stay tuned) and was informed that a Fuel Controller might not be necessary. WHY? Apparently the stock ECU on the Raider functions under much wider parameters and will probably be able to compensate. When testing the Road/Statoliner (remember, same motor) with their Air Kit, the stock ECU adjusted to the increased air flow from the high-flow intake, maintained the correct air/fuel ratio, and made more power. The only other bike to perform in a similar manner was the new V-Star 1300.

I do not know to which extent the factory ECU will adjust. Certain intake and exhaust combinations might require a controller. However, based on what we found out, don't rush out and spend your money on a controller before doing your research when buying your pipes and intake. See under what conditions the parts were tested and dyno'd. Of course, I'll be keeping an eye on the development of these performance accessories and let you know the minute I find out anything new. Any questions, let me know.

Ride Safe

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