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NJRaider said:
Jack -

That's awesome - Can I post a permanent link on the site?
Roger that - no probs.

I did notice that I am still getting a single backfire on heavy decel coming off of WOT from high RPM's. Normal drivng and decel I get none. I've rechecked my exhaust to make sure I am getting no leaks (gave them another turn and checked for black carbon deposits - none) and I've also had the Green Pot on the Fi2000R O2 up to 3 (the manual says keep it at 1 if I'm using the O2) and still no difference. I'm assuming I need to put the bike through a few more heat/cool cycles of running it for the factory PCM to properly adjust... even though with everything stock I still did backfire every now and again. So I moved the pot back to 1.5 and left it there.

I also noticed that the Fi2000R cycles itself when you first turn the key - the manual says all the lights will go on then off - this is normal - however - unless I turn the ignition switch to RUN before turning the key - the lights will not go on. But when I turn the switch to ON before turning the key and starting the bike - it cycles fine and the green light is on when i start it - as per the manual states is OK. I re-checked my connections and ground - everything is good to go. I can only assume this is normal operation.

Other than that - everything is A-OK.
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