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Therefore, we must know the causes of humidity in the home:
There are causes and external factors such as water leakage and rain to the house, and also when the coastal area has a lot of moisture because the proximity to the sea makes the house exposed to salts that cause humidity, and the sand used in the foundation and building of the house may contain salts from the beginning, which makes it eat the walls and cause Humidity

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Also there are internal reasons such as
Plumbing pipes leaking into the house.
Defects in the bathroom and poor sanitation in the home.
The cause of humidity may be the lack of ventilation of the house, and the lack of sunlight entering it, causing the appearance of mold on the walls and unpleasant brown spots that embarrass the family in front of the guests.
Or the reason for the appearance of moisture is washing the floors of the house with abundant water every day, which leads to water leaking into the floor.

Methods for treating moisture in walls and ceilings:
Ventilating the house and always opening the windows in order for healthy sunlight to enter it. In the past, they said, “They said a house that the sun enters does not enter a doctor.”

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The most important of these methods to get rid of moisture is to follow the following steps: -
Scrape the affected walls with moisture, then make small holes or small holes in the cement layer using a ceramic cutting machine with a special roller for the walls as in the following picture: -
Slit the cement layer length and width with parallel lines as the following picture: -
Wash the wall with water, then with a good detergent to get rid of the salts that cause moisture, then wash the wall after the detergent with water again.
Then we prepare a dough from the high-quality ironed gypsum (gypsum is known to be a greater expansion agent than cement as it absorbs the salts in the wall that cause moisture) and mix it with water, and leave it until it freezes a little, then put it on the wall with a putty knife and fill the voids that we have created well in the wall and cement .
It is also possible to use the material and lining, if any, which is a paste to cover the marble and a strong material. The paint used for cars can also be used to block those pits and get a good result.

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After the completion of the cement blocking process, we put a layer of sandy to cover the wall, then we soften with paper, roller and sanding, then correct the defects of the first layer with another layer of blondie, then we paint the wall with the appropriate paint and the desired color and let it dry.

Taking advantage of the summer season to ventilate home furnishings that absorb moisture.
Coating the house outside with an insulating material such as silica gel.
When buying a new house, we must stay away from the poorly ventilated and basements.
When building a house, insulators must be placed to prevent water leaks inside the house.
Insulating surfaces are also placed to prevent weather factors, and airport water leakage in the winter season. Surfaces that are exposed to heavy rain may cause the house to die, erode the reinforced iron on the ceiling, and water seeping into the walls and causing humidity for the whole house.

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My wooden furniture kept expanding and slowly deteriorating.Keeping room romm especially damp rooms and use of silica gel solved.Thanks for the info.
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