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Target Global Release Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Summary of Changes - User Facing

  • Search UI Improvement Global Rollout
  • Marketplace
    • Users can now edit and delete a review they left for another user.
      • User can only edit/delete a review within a specified time.
        • The timeframe allowed to edit is displayed beside the option.
      • This setting for timeframe can be found within the Forums setting in the admin panel.
        • By default, this is set at 30 days and is customizable by each community.
  • Vender Self Serve
    • Fixed the issue where the business logo upload preview doesn’t show up.
    • "Add Business label" checkbox is no longer displayed for paying vendors in conversations.
    • Forum administrators now will be asked to provide a reason when archiving a business.
  • Homepage
    • Fixed the issue where the feed is missing after backing to homepage
    • Fixed the issue where the page content would shift up if the banner ad isn’t fulfilled.
  • Google OneTap
    • Admins can now disassociate user’s Google OneTap account from Admin Panel.
  • Thread Listing
    • Fixed an alignment issue on some android devices
  • Misc. performance improvement.
  • New adjustment added to release note
    • Anti-Flood Measure
    • To slow down ads spamming and flooding behavior , thread creation now needs to be 30 seconds apart, and reply needs to be 15 seconds apart.
    • We'll make adjustment as needed.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.