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Raider Accessories

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ALL RIGHT...where are all you guys getting these accessories for your bike? My dealership gave me a Yamaha accessory book covering all the bikes but not the stuff you guys are mentioning. I want chrome belt guards but I have no idea where to get them and maybe something to reaplce the stock license plate holder. If you know...please, if you can include the publication or a link.

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hey, that list looks familiar. By the way, I did find on eBay a motorcycle supply place in Texas I believe that is selling the engine guards for $204 and $10 delivery. Says he only has 4. I'm gonna order mine today.
4X4, Ther are a lot of places for aftermarket parts for the Raider. these are just a few. You can also go to Ebay, and search Yamaha Raider. You will find some there also.

Illuminated License Plate frame

Side mount License Bracket

PM Me for email of the guy that does the Chrome Upper and Lower Belt Guards

And a host of other places for which you can find links to here:
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