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Proud new owner

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Hello. I just closed the deal on my Raider. I traded in my '02 Suzuki 1000 Vstrom. I know it's a totally different animal but change is good, right? I really liked the Vstrom but once I slung a leg over the Raider all bets were off. It just FELT right. I'm sure you all know what I mean. Can't wait to take delivery.

Also, I was wondering if anyone was planning to go to Lake George, NY for the Americade rally in June. Would be great to see some of you there.
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Congratulations and welcome to the club :wave:

Unfortunately, I won't be making it to LG this year, but a large contingent from STAR will definitely be going - check with your local chapter. Let me know where you're from and I can get you in touch with them.
Hey Red, welcome to MBF and congrats on your new ride. I forgive you for letting your Strom go. ;)
:rayof: In a couple of days you'll be glad you slung your leg over that bad boy! My dealer delivered mine on Saturday. My wife is already complaining that I'm spending too much time in the garage.
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