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Hey Guys,

I see from a few posts that photos are getting 'lost' when posted on some sites on the Web. I own and webmaster a number of Biker websites, purely as a hobby: Ride Asia (http://www.ride-asia.com), Ride World (http://www.ride-world.com). I am in the process of building Ride America. So, if you want your photos to be featured in a 'Motorcycle Photo Tour' - see http://ride-world.com/?q=node/28 for an example.

PM me and I will give you the email address to send the photos to. All I need is the location where the photos were taken. I use a GPS device (GISTEQ) synchronised with the time on my digital camera, which gives me Lat, Long data. A map with 'X' marks the spot, scanned and emailed would do the same thing.

This works best if the photos are from a fairly long ride and show images from the road, the people and the parties.

It not only lets you look back on a ride, but shares the ride so others can follow in your wheel tracks. There are no restrictions to posting/viewing the photos: no charge; no registration required etc.


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