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Ideas for customizing your motorcycle helmet

Ideas for customizing your motorcycle helmet

Have you ever wanted to change your helmet looking? Do you want to look different from others? Well, I found several ways to customize your lid on HelmetsZone - a motorcycle helmet blog that I really want to share with you guys, keep reading!

Use stickers or deals to change your helmet’s appearance.

This one is one of the easiest and quickest ways to custom your gear as your preference. It is not so hard to find a favorite sticker/decal today. There are various designs available in different styles and colors in the market. Your job is just to take some time to have a tour around local shops or online shops and pick out the one you like the most.

You can apply it on your own. First, you need to lean and dry your helmet. Cleaning tips can be found here https://helmetszone.com/how-to-clean-a-motorcycle-helmet.html.

Typically, the process will start on the side first. After removing the backing paper, you will have an adhesive layer. Now you apply like the decal, but remember to start from the center of the decal. This way, the decal will follow the curves of the helmet and leave no wrinkle. If there is any bubble, don’t worry, just gently press the decal from the center outward. If you still can’t remove the bubble, pull the whole decal off then apply it again. If yours looks smooth and firm, then you are done!

Use paint

The second way that is also relatively fast is painting your helmet. You can either airbrush or wet paint your gear. If you are good at painting, you should definitely go-ahead. If you are not, just hire some expert painter do to it for you. I don’t think it cost much. Don’t paint it yourself if you are not 100% trust your painting skills. Otherwise, you will end up with a trash helmet.

If you still want to paint your gear yourself, there is a way you can do that, but it takes time to read through guideline materials or watch painting tutorial videos. If you find yourself enough patient to do this, then go ahead!

Before you start, do these things first: Remove/cover the parts you don’t want to paint; clean the outer shell carefully, and make sure no dust or dead bugs left; sand the outer surface.

I recommend having a pro do this for you if you are not sure and uncomfortable.

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Wear a mask

This one seems the easiest way to custom your helmet without changing any physical characteristic of your gear.

Some helmet face masks available on the market are:

Neoprene face masks: this mask is usable in the cold weather. The mask is very comfortable, and it can resist the wind as well. The material of this mask allows you to print on, so this feature adds more coolness to your helmet.

Bandana is another face mask you could use. This is made of cotton and synthetic material. It is very lightweight and handy. Another benefit of this mask is that it is adjustable while you are riding and provides instant protection.

Balaclava is the last recommendation for you. This is designed to cover your head, face, and neck as well. The Balaclava face mask is not only used for motorcycling but also for snowmobiling and skiing.

That’s it. Not much information and it’s easy to follow, right? Customizing a helmet only makes it look newer, but not fully restore its protective functionality. If your lid has expired, I recommend purchasing a new one immediately.

Expired helmets are very dangerous. I was like you, I used to know nothing about helmets. But my mind was opened up thanks to HelmetsZone. Its articles have helped me chose a helmet that suits me. Besides, I also found a lot of useful information about the riding headgear here. You should definitely try it. I’m quite sure you are gonna like it!

This is some of their information you may want to know:

- Email: [email protected]
- Phone: (1) 610-386-5943
- HelmetsZone on Diigo: https://www.diigo.com/profile/helmetszone
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