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Picking up my Blue Raider

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I am picking up my new Raider Saturday with the following modifications. The dealer did a turn key deal for me and most of the parts gathering was done from advice on this forum. This bike looks like a 30k custom. It has been on the showroom floor and the dealer said it just draws people. The price out the door was 17500 but let me tell you it was worth every penny. Will send pics soon.

Chrome Rims
240 rear tire
custom seat
custom rear tail light
removed all blinkers and plate holder from rear fender
custom lic plate holder mounted on side of bike
rear fender rack from yamaha
chrome belt covers top and bottom
chrome hub on rear
chrome cover on rear disk break
rider backrest
shorty windsheild from yamaha
Cobra swept pipes
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Re: Picking my Blue Raider

sounds good vette cant wait to see it ;D
Really sounds good, but maybe a Black Raider 8)
I agree with mudslide.
Nice bundle of add ons, but the color?????

Well, I guess when it's not naturally beautiful you've got to put some make up on it.

Not sure what was pulling all the attention at the dealer Chrome or Color. My guess is both. The dealer said his biggest seller was blue and all he has left is 2 black and 1 red I wonder why??????????
Paint it red and it will go faster. I thinkthe reason your dealer sells the blue the most as he probably doesnt know that the red ones are faster. I can see why the black ones are still there. :icon10:
Gongrads bro. You will absolutely love it. I hope it's blue. Where are the damn pictures?

just like to know where i can get the chrome belt covers and chrome rear disk break cover ? tnoony
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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