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Hey all - I'm leaving to pick my Raider up from it's first service this morning in a little bit (dudes, it'll be cold as heck... it's only 45 out, windy and no sun here at all!). I'll be installing the Cobra Swepts, Fi2000R O2 and K&N with modded box.

I'll be doing a write-up on everything today and how I went about doing it - I'm pretty sure the most tedious part will be removing the gas tank - but I have a few hours to do it all today.

I'll post again when I get everything installed and the fuel controller tuned for my application - I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures.

I'm hoping to have the write-up done some time today or tomorrow - I have some things to take care of this evening so I may have to wait until tomorrow to finish the "how to". I'll be sure to post again when I get it up on my blog.

- Ninja
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