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One more Raider <Raven> off the dealer floor

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Hi all I just wanted to introduce myself. My friends call LunchBox, I live in Lakewood NJ.

I started street riding on a very used 1982 Honda Nighthawk 450 with 14K miles. I beat the rest of the snot out of it for 3 more years then went to the local Yamaha dealer to take a look at a new bike. I wound up getting a 1999 V-star 650, $89 bucks a month how could I go wrong.

The original battery finally died after 9 years, (no battery tender mind you) so I went to the dealer to get a new battery and saw this beauty sitting in the show room with what looked to be a come hither look in her head light. I swear she winked so I walked over for a closer look and it was love at first site. I could tell my wife knew something was up.

We got the battery took it home and put it in the V-star but the whole time I was thinking of the Raven. Well all and all 5 days later after some long nights surfing the web reading the reviews seeing the price. I talked the wife into getting it. My friend knows the owner of the dealer so I got for a great deal with the 4 extra years on top of the 1 year warranty and the $1850 trade on my V-star out the door $13,750. It also helped that the guy miscalculated by $1000 in my favor.

Most of my friends are Harley guys and they are busting my chops about buying another import. I keep telling them I had no problems with my V-star for 9 years and they are always fixing stuff on theirs. I just say to them I like riding more then wrenching. I do enough wrenching at work. Beside when they buy more Harley parts they increase my Harley stocks. Keep buying boys make me rich, I like my money in my pocket.

I'm no small guy and I was glad to say good bye to the V-star cause I looked like a gorilla on a moped, it was to small now. It must have shrunk over the years But on the Raven, she fits me good. I found your guys site and I'm really happy you guys are here to show/share your love for this new era in factory Chopperish bikes.

Can't wait for the future of things to come in our inner circle or Raider family. No matter what color your ride.

But if you go by color name the Raven is more manly
I mean come on Tommy blue, sounds like he's sad.
The Candy red sounds like a lolly pop.
And the Candy red with flames sound like your eatting Red hot candies.

JK keep it real guys RIDE ON!!!
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Good story Lunchbox, and welcome to the forum. We are here to help so if you ever need anything just let us know. The Raider is an awesome bike and I have no doubts that you will love it. Make sure you send NJRaider your infor for the members directory on raiderperformance.
Roger wilco, already did last night at around 1 or 2 am couldn't sleep reading all the posts here to catch up on all the hub bub.
Welcome luchBox,
Yea, I love being around Harley guys...I don't have to say anything. I just smile and that raider speaks for itself.
Now here is the poop. No matter what color you have that is one fast bike. The only thing that really slows them down is when pops puts windshields and bags on them! This bike just was not made for windows and bags...thats called a roadliner!
Hey Lunchbox... welcome to the Forum. I love my Raven... I know what you mean about the first time you saw it and the obbsession until you finally got it... Actually the obbsession is still there (Drives the wife crazy how much i talk about the bike).

look forward to hearing any posts from you.
Welcome Lunchbox! I ride with a bunch of Harleys guys also. When I got the Stratoliner they all gave me a lot of grief. When I got the Raider all they said was "I like that bike". Well, I really enjoy the feel of it. I also am not a small guy and it fits me great (need the control extensions).
Anyway, ride safe and I look forward to chating with you.
Welcome Bro. You made a wise choice.

"Smoke a fatty like a 210" BTW Lunch, If you and I both are burning two 210's next to each other, it must be 420 time.
Welcome to the family Lunchbox. you will love it here. I must say I am sorry though. You bought the slow Raider, But not the slowest. That is the blue one LOL
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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