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New Hampshire in da house

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Whats up guys? Sold my 2004 Green Meanstreak for the Raider, Tommy Blue. Have not taken possesion of the Raider yet but am hoping to pick her up next friday or saturday if the weather starts cooperating. This will be the 2nd bike I have ever bought without riding it 1st but when I sat on it I just knew it was made for me... I am like a kid on xmas eve the last few weeks.

If anyone is ever in my neck of the woods feel free to contact me and we can hook up some rides.
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Welcome to forum NH, You made right choice, Blue rules...hahahah
Some people here are very touchy about their Raider...just kidding, we all love this bike. I picked up mine couple of days ago. For you guys in OHIOOOO and WASHINGTONNNNNN, I know you guys had some snow, so sorry...hahaha

Today was a beautiful sun shine but little cold, but that didn't stop me putting 50 miles on my bike.
Tomorrow going breakfast with my bodies from chapter 278 and taking some long riding. I'll try to take some pictures and post them.

Any way once again, welcome to this forum. Bunch of us going to be in a chat room almost every night.
Pls join us.
Don't worry your will be home in no time.
Safe riding.
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