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Hi from Belfast, N.Ireland
Looks good, didn't realise the difference until viewed the pics together.
Love the registration plate too!

I have a '63 327 Corvette Coupe with 4 red lights on the rear, and to meet local regulations, I had to separate the side/brake lights to the inner two and the direction indicators to the outer two. The local govt. inspector here also wanted me to change the red direction indicator lens to orange, but he didn't know his own rules; pre-69 classics can have all red lens. Lucky I read up on this crap. Don't let the b**tards grind you down!

He's gonna have a fit when I take my 2000 Boss Hoss 502 (NOS'd) Truck Trike up for inspection. I have to figure out yet how to quieten it down. I think the pipes are totally open so I'll have to make and fit some baffles to smother that roar. (temporarily only of course (like for about the 5 mins of the test)

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