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Heads up guys, BigBoy posted in another thread here "tappet blocks leaking" about an oil leak he had on the lower right side of the engine:
"My raider has had a slight oil leak starting on the right side beneath the oil lines and running down, just enough to drip on my floor (just a couple of drops a day). Has any one else had this issue and what repairs did it take to resolve? I have the only Raider around my area and my mech is good but has never seen one up close (and this is a dealership) so any help i could give him would be appreciated. thx guys see you on the road"

The area in question is where the two chrome oil lines drop from the oil tank and mate to the engine block on the right side of the engine just in front of the transfer case oil inspection holes (sorry no pics)...there are four oil lines that mate to the case there, and each is fastened with a 5mm hex bolt or two torqued to 7 ft lbs.

On my bike, and maybe BigBoy's, the furthest away from the engine of the two chrome oil lines had a way loose rear bolt on it's lower fitting...the front bolt on that fitting was ok, and my fitting was starting to leak oil...there's an O-ring under the fitting...it's labeled as oil pipe #4 on page 2-39 of the 2008 Service Manual...check yours out soon.

Gary in Fairbanks
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