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Just wanted to let everyone know that in the next week or so we'll be switching over to new software for the forums. Between the old and the new software you'll see a lot of similarities and also a lot of differences. All the boards, threads, posts, PM's and other information currently contained in this forum will be ported over to the new site so you "shouldn't" have to make any changes other than possibly re-uploading your avatar. You will need to log in to the new forums with your current user name and password. The procedures for creating new topics and posts will be fairly similar. The category and boards will all be laid out the same. It may take a little time to get used to the changes but in the long run it will be worth it.

Why are we changing? We have big plans for MBF and we want to make sure the site can grow along with us and provide you the members with the latest and greatest technology in community forums. Therefore, we have decided to move to more of a commercially viable and supported software called vBulletin. In the world of large community forums vBulletin reigns supreme. Unfortunately there are feature pros and cons with any brand of forum software and thus will be the case with moving to vBulletin. In the long run we feel this new software will provide our members with the best overall feature set and community experience. Some of the new features in the coming weeks and months are going to be great!!

We'll make the transaction smooth as possible and it should be a quick one. Please be patient if you see an anomaly here and there. We'll address them as quickly as possible. Once the switch has been made you should be able to continue posting as normal. Prior to the cutover I'll notify everyone via email and here in the forums with the exact date.


Best Regards,
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