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Hey all -

A couple of weeks back one of the members here was asking about the sound of the HardKrome 2-into-1 Sideburner system.

I just spoke with on of the guys at DG/Hard Krome when I asked him, he basically asked me if I ever heard a V-8 motor with open headers. When I said that I did, he said that's what this system sounds like. He actually admitted that they tell customers to wear an earplug on the right side - I appreciate his honesty - these pipes are going to be wicked loud on the Raider :icon_twisted:, which might be just perfect... In addition to the sound, these pipes do have a baffle, and are 2-into-1, so power should be great - he stated up to 13 HP with proper FI management...

While they don't have any soundbytes, he recommended looking on YouTube. I'll try it later today and if I find something, I'll post the link here and over at RaiderPerformance.com
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