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A quick note to hopefully prevent others from ending up with incompatible parts.

I run saddlebags with Easy Brackets, so the bags can be off the bike when I dont need the storage.

Put the EasyBrackets on over a month ago and they work great.

I ordered the Cobra short sissy bar and luggage rack. For occasional two up riding, and for use with a seat bag on long multi day trips.

The EasyBrackets use two different docking post lengths, to account for the "sweep" in the fender strut.

The Cobra back rest uses half inch spacers for both front and rear mount points, so the mounting bracket follows the fender strut.

Problem with that is it creates an slightly angled mounting surface for the rear EasyBracket docking post. This angle seems to disappear when you torque the bolts. But, the rear docking post is not out of alignment with the front, and the bracket will not seat and lock. I tried shimming the rear post in way too many combinations.

I have been talking with Dave at EasyBrackets, and he has been great help, but I have run out of time with this combination for a ride next week. I will discuss things further, and update if a solution is possible. At this point the Cobra sissy bar is off the bike.

Hear is a pic of the rear docking post and the Cobra bracket, the bolt is untorqued, so the EasyBracket drops on as it should. You can see the angled gap between the docking post and Cobra bracket. As you tighten the bolt the docking post aligns more closely with the surface of the Cobra bracket which causes the EasyBracket to not seat.

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