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Back orders

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How long were the back order ship times (if any) for those of you that ordered your pipes AFTER the purchase of your bike? I am specifically interested in the ship times on the Cobra Swepts. I ordered mine yesterday and NOBODY had any on hand at the time of order. Went with Direct Line Parts (can't beat $499 for those pipes!) but even the more expensive retailers had nothing on the shelf.

I just wanted to find out how long to expect to wait..

Any feedback from any of you that have ordered from Direct Line would be much appreciated as well............
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I had to wait about 2 weeks I got mine from directline also just call them they will tell you when they will get the pipes in.
Appreciate the info. They weren't sure about lead time when I called them prior to ordering. I just don't want to start hassling them TOO early....
Just got mine from Direct Line two days ago. I had to wait two weeks. Good luck.
I ordered my Cobra swept pipes around mid March and they FINALLY came in a week ago. Although a long anticipated wai, it was worth it.
Brian said:
I just got my pipes from PowersportSuperstore.com Great.

they have 3 in stock right now.

A (hopefully) short wait is wort every dollar I can save. $60 + shipping can go a long way towards other things I want on this bike. I have to remind myself that I am keeping this beast for a LONG time and don't have to do everything right now. I want to enjoy the evolution of the machine as well, ya know?

RavenRyder - who did you order yours from?
I bought them from a local retailer. Originally I was told it would be about 4 weeks.
I just got off the phone with directline and they have no idea when they will be getting resupplied, but the best guess was July-August. On top of that, some research led to discovering they were recommending the wrong fuel controller due to the fact that they have none of the correct ones in stock. Cancelled the order and placed a new one with the folks linked above. Great service on the phone and I should have my parts Monday at the latest. Once again proving that saving a few dollars sometimes ends up costing you more.

Directline may be a fine retailer, just didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy on this deal.
You'll love this deal....GMCYCLESINC on ebay....Cobra Swepts for $579 plus $19.00 for shipping (well, for my zip code anyway). I bought mine from this guy last month and they're $20 cheaper now than when I got 'em. I ordered them on a Thursday and received them the following Tuesday. Right now he has 9 in stock.
I didn't catch before that you guys paid only $499 for yours. I wish I had gotten them cheap as that but I was really happy to get them as fast as I did. At the time I was willing to pay almost anything to get the Swepts. Still love them...just constantly worry about the scrapping issue when I deep in a turn.
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