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Chemist, let me tell you about my experience.
I made the decision to start riding this year for the first time. In early March I went to a bike shop where I could sit on all different makes of metric cruisers (didn't check out Harleys because I can't justify the expense plus everyone I know has a Harley and frankly they're snobs about it).
Initially I looked at 800cc bikes but since I'm tall with long arms and legs I didn't feel comfortable sitting on them. The salesman pointed out (correctly) that I would soon grow out of those bikes and I would soon be trading it in. So I sat on some larger bikes and when I sat on the Raider I had an epiphany. I fell in love with it. When I expressed concern about the "size" he again correctly pointed out that the power in the bike is all in your wrist- if you're
not careful you can get in trouble with a 250 just as easy. By the way, since I wasn't ready to buy yet I didn't feel like he was blowing me smoke. I ended up buying a red-s later at another dealer where I got a great deal.
I soon took the MSF course which was a great experience. But I soon realized that even though I did great and passed the licence test (we were able to take the test at the school facility) I wasn't ready for the road just yet. So after having the dealer deliver my Raider I spent probably close to 2 weeks just driving around my quiet subdivision and parking lots until I was ready.
Well its been about a month and a half and I'm almost ready for my 600 mile service. I just love this bike. I feel totally comfortable- drive to work all the time-and couldn't be happier
with my decision to start out with the Raider. I've registered for the advanced riding course and I'm even considering participating in a freedom ride at the end of the month to show support for the armed forces (my son will soon be reporting for Marine boot camp).
While starting out with a Raider or similar sized bike may not be for everyone it was the right thing for me. Sorry for the long-winded response but I hope it helps you and maybe others out there with the same concerns. Tom
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