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  1. Raider General Discussion
    Ok just got my new 240. When I compare it with the 210 the rotation arrow is reversed, i.e. if I stand behind the bike and look at the rear tire the 210 have the grooves pointing down and the 240 have them pointing up. Which way is it? The downward slope looks better but when I think about it...
  2. Raider General Discussion
    I have been seeing a lot of discussion on the 210, 240, 260 size rear tire. Many say the ride and cornering may suffer when moving away from the 210. What will it feel like? What should a rider watch out for? I appreciate all the other posters here by the way! Have had my Raider, "Savannah"...
  3. Raider General Discussion
    Just curious what kind of tire life people are getting out of the factory Metzlers on their Raiders. My rear tire is flat today (obviously happened Friday on the way home from work). I've heard that you can upgrade the size to a 240/40-18 from the stock 210/40-18. Anyone have any experience...
1-3 of 3 Results