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  1. Raider General Discussion
    I'm so frikking happy I just had to share this .... with you guys. I've been having squeaking sounds from my belt for a long time...until TODAY. I've been adjusting the band, tightening it, loosenig it all to no avail. I just found out that the real reason for the belt noise is this: The...
  2. Raider General Discussion
    I recently started getting some noise from my belt after 14K miles, almost like a chirping noise. A buddy of mine suggested putting HD Poly Lube on the belt.....low and behold it fixed the problem. Not the downside.....its only a temporary fix and it throws a mess all over the rear end. My...
  3. Raider General Discussion
    Anyone else have that "clunk" sound when shifting into first? I have had other people with belt drives (on other brand cycles) say it is normal. Is it?
1-3 of 3 Results