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  1. My Raider Mods
    I just picked up my Raider (Raven Black) last week and am absolutely in love with it. That being said as good of a design job Yamaha did I need to make it my own. I'm considering the following mods and would like to hear from people who have already done them how they like it. I am also open...
  2. My Raider Mods
    About a month and 400 miles ago I made the switch to the much debated 240 on my stock rim. 2 weeks ago I added the Kuryakyn Maximus kit. I started with the 8 LED kit and have since added 2 more, with the remote control. The Kury kit allows for 7 colors with the push of a button, as well as...
  3. My Raider Mods
    Although I usually have Tourmaster Cruiser II Slant Saddlebags on the bike, that factory Upper Belt Guard always left me wanting something nicer... The Cobra belt guard just doesn't do it for me, too short, looks like it belongs on a sport bike... So, along with installing a Baron's Shorty...
1-3 of 3 Results