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  1. Raider Shop Talk
    any one else installed the new powrpro,, did same my bike runs a lot better and I had the Vance & Hines Fuelpak on mine I had tried with help from VH techs trying different arraignments but I never felt I was getting my monies worth, I was taken it to local drag strip, well I put the...
  2. Raider Shop Talk
    Hello guys, I'm new to the site. I picked up my new 2009 liquid silver Raider a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd share my experience with installing the Cobra Swept exhaust. First of all, I've been reading a bunch on this site about Cobra vs. V&H vs. Hard Krome, etc. Also fuel management vs...
  3. Raider General Discussion
    First of all, thank you everyone for the help you have been giving me. If anyone saw my first post about a week ago you know I was planning on getting my first raider. Yesterday I bought a 2008 Raider S Tommy Boy Blue from an out of state Harley dealer. It should arrive in approximately 2 weeks...
  4. Raider Shop Talk
    Because I would prefer not to have to remove the heat shield on my Cobra Dragsters just to measure the diameter of the pipes and then put them back on... Does anyone know the inside diameter of the Cobra Dragsters for the Raider? I want to install Big City Thunder Baffles, but would like to save...
  5. Raider General Discussion
    Ok so I got my new cobra swepts today installed and I don't have my laptop weekend cuz it's a holiday weekend, so I'm posting from my iPod. All I can say about the pipes is WOW!! It's like I have a whole new bike!!! Thats all. Enjoy the 4th and remeber what the holiday is about.
  6. Raider Shop Talk
    I am installing Cobra swepts onto an '09 Raider and i want to know if some sort of fuel management/controller is needed. For now i am not doing any other mods to the bike as far as air flow. Anyone else installed the Swepts without anything else? Any problems? And has anyone seen any gains from...
  7. Raider Pictures and Videos
    OK, folks, people asked for new pics... so here is a couple of them... The full album is at http://www.mybikeforums.com/forums/album.php?albumid=304
1-7 of 7 Results