Hello, I have just joined. I bought my first Raider yesterday (2008 model), quite an upgrade from the 1100 Virago which I have been riding for the last 3 years. Absolutely love the power and torque of the Raider! I do have a problem however - got some serious popping when coming off the gas. The exhausts have been customized and I am guessing that that is causing some of the problems.

I have been reading about this cobra fi2000 power pro, and I am considering in investing. I was wondering whether any members have got any experience with this unit, and can tell me if they think it is a worthwhile upgrade, and also how easy is it to install?

I am living on a small Caribbean island - so have to bring everything in from the States, it is a problem if I have to return, and I want to be as sure as i can before shelling out the $600 or so that it is going to cost me after shipping and duties.

Any feedback much appreciated!