I just bought my 17th motorcycle 2 weeks ago and so far I like it better than anything I've ever ridden, an 09 Yamaha Raider. Believe it or not it had the original tires on with only 4,920 miles. It came stock except for Freedom Performance Curves. I put on 2 Avon tires (240 on back) a K&N air filter, Brain's Airbox Mod and a Cobra FI2000r 02 programmer. After reading every post on another forum, I hadn't found this one yet, I wasn't satisfied with the way it ran so I spent a couple tanks of gas experimenting on the pod settings. Finally settled on 2 4 4 which isn't perfect I'm sure but I could sure be happy with it. My question is this. I have my ecu off and ready to send to Ivan's performance in the morning. I'm sure you guys know much more than me about this subject and your opinions would be greatly appreciated.