After 12 year love affair riding a Suzuki M109R, I am now in the honeymoon stage with 2014 Raider SCL. Riding the 9 was a pure blast. Approx 120K miles total between a 2006 and a 2011 model. But have never been able to keep my eyes off of a Raider whenever in proximity of one. Last May, my wandering eyes landed on this gorgeous bombshell Matte Iron murdered out hot rod pinstriped long legged chopper drag bike dark cool vixen of bike. With the Raider reading 3.8K mi and the 9 fast approaching 30K mi, I was able to disguise my defection as a prudent financial decision by mitigating depreciating assets. Rrrrrrrright. Didn't become a 3rd degree blackbelt in rationalization overnight. It took years of this kind of behavior. Just ask my wife. This whole thing is really her fault. She rides a 2011 Yamaha Stryker Raven that was met head on by my mod bug: 240 Dunlop E3 rear, frozen vomit eliminator kit for side mount lic plate, Bullet Cowl, Kuryaken Hypercharger, and Freedom Performance Short Radius pipes. When her bike started getting more compliments than mine, that was something up with which I could not put. My Raider came with Cobra Speedsters and PC 5, Star Quick Detach windshield tall, and QD backrest. Pipes and windshield are for sale as they are not really my style. Will be replaced with FP 2into1 Combat and short windshield. Pics to follow. I If asylum is granted, I will look foward to swapping lies with y'all!