Rear brake slide pin length
I destroyed one of the slide pins on my bike trying to get it loose. So i ordered a new set, however the new ones are 1/4" longer on the threads which puts the caliper in a different spot. My wheel is out having new bearings put on it so i cant visually check the alignment of the caliper with the new pins. My question is can anyone tell me what might be going on? The old ones were a polished steel with no identifiable stamping on them whereas the new "genuine yamaha" pins from partzilla are a black pin with a G stamped on the head. Im starting to worry if the PO has frankensteined parts on this bike. My rear bearings starting making noise so took new bearings and wheel to the shop and then they called me to tell me the reason they went out is because someone had replaced the bearings and forgot the bearing spacer. So now im leary of everything on it. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks