Help I have to be somewhere in the morning
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    I bought a used yahama 2012 stryker off Craig's list a few months ago and well tonight my keys and my wallet got stolen from my apartment I don't have money or time to get a new key made I do how ever have tools is it possible to just drill out the ignition or by pass it some how please help!!!

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    Hi I'm Domenick and just joined. Read your dilemma and I am a .master locksmith who quit letting drunks with no money into their cars years ago. But! If you had only the one key or you dont want the thief to have access to your bike, then.....1/4 to 5/16 inch bit and be VERY CAREFULL. Variable speed slowly while holding the chuck to control the speed and more important how deep you drill. If you know how long the key is. Wait, wrap electrical tape around the drill bit 1 1/4 inches from drill bit tip. Then do not drill deeper because you can hit the switching behind the lock (section). Drill out the wafers and use a flat head driver to turn ignition to the 1st notch. Cant stress how important it is to not over drill too deep. The parts that stop the key from turning are at the exterior of the rectangle slot the key slides into. If you do not have these skills I suggest DO NOT ATTEMPT!! You could make an expensive mess!

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    That's the reason why you should always have a copy of your key.

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