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    jordan 9 bentley ellis Ticker October 30 - Ray Allen for 2012-2013 season will be non-trivial in the curtain. Because the first opponent he faced his old club, Celtic. According to ESPN news, veteran Allen, he can remain calm and collected it? "Over the past two or three months, I have been with the group of teammates, I feel very good." After training on Monday local time, in the interview, Allen first spoke about the gang now teammates. Then, before the gang teammates in the hearts of Allen in what position? "Those guys are my friends, people I should hate them or how, I do not always feel I have said numerous times, I share with them too much heart moment that president stay in my heart. So, when I see - Paul Pierce [microblogging], I will not be angry or how, I will be very happy to be able to once again see a bunch of old friends, "Allen said.

    jordan bentley ellis In fact, recently, Allen and gang "old friend" who erupted bickering. Kevin - Kevin Garnett [microblogging] claimed that Allen's phone number, Rajon - Londo more directly with 20 to refer to Allen. Now, the Celtics still could not untie knot it? "We will not put the game ended up Ray vs. Kevin, Paul or Rajon Right now, all my energies on the opener this happened have happened, he went to Miami, he was very happy, and I will bless him and his family. "In this regard, Paul - Paul Pierce has seen very light. As for Garnett, it seems that the anger still lingers. "I do not need to speak with Ray, I come to play."

    air jordan 9 bentley ellis Allen, now left him a difficult problem is the opener to see old teammates, he was the kind of way to welcome it? He also thought, you may be subject to some cold-shouldered. Allen, and regardless of the personal emotions completely because of the team's relationship. And impersonal, as long as you want to beat the opponent, you will not be represented very warm and I think this is a very common condition, no one will like their opponents, "Allen said.

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