Clippers send the Lakers 7-game losing streak
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Thread: Clippers send the Lakers 7-game losing streak

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    Default Clippers send the Lakers 7-game losing streak

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    Bryant right foot pain, absent from today's game, the final preseason game tomorrow to the king, he will not play, but in the opening game of the regular season, Kobe Bryant will go into battle. With him sidelined Howard, on a debut quite stunning, but, after all, is still recovering, the Lakers chances. Less two generals, but the field is still no shortage of star, the game is not the lack of great shots. Forced a breakthrough after the the audience first attack caused cheers, Griffin grabbed the offensive rebound, Gasol guard against under his almost 360-degree turn with Gasol hit a ball still hit at the same time causing the foul, Griffin even scored three points with a fine cast.

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    Lakers play the game for nearly four minutes before the first score, pass from Steve Nash (microblogging) is equally attractive. Suddenly to the basket he has no shots, Nash danced in the air, and suddenly the back of the head passing Thackeray ball unguarded, easy to hit. Nash Thereafter own shooting, and then a succession of assists, the Lakers 11-9 exceed more than half of this section. The two sides played inextricably, the end of this section, Hollins basket then Barnes pass strong starting dunks succeeded and cause foul even scored three points with a fine cast, fast vessels 22-23 backward .

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    Barnes from the the Lakers switched Clippers in the field doing well. Section 7 minutes and 41 seconds, he layup and cause Jamison foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast. More than half of this section, he again succeeded, the Clippers to 35-33 lead. Since then, he also has an alley-oop dunks, single scored 10 points. Barnes empty then City buckle, Jordan did not back down, alley-oop dunk twice in the last minute of this section, the end of the Clippers to a 10-0 first half beyond 49-40 . Under a go-between in Nash soon after the start of the third quarter, the Lakers lead. Thackeray hook score this section there are 7 minutes 47 seconds, and the Lakers leading 57-53. Willie - Green alley-oop layup, Griffin dunk Clippers did not show weakness in front of the city rivals. Barnes seems to prove themselves in front of the old club, this section into the last minute, he once again "playing the third of" success, leading the Clippers to 72-71. Gasol dunk fired back, and the Lakers to 73-72 entering the final one.
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    Barnes have 15 points through three quarters, the fourth quarter began shortly after he hit the third, the Clippers to a 11-2 start this section, in one fell swoop to 83-75 beyond. Lakers finally narrow the gap to 1 point, but sophomore Travis - Leslie scored four points, Hollins has since succeeded twice in the basket in the game, there are 4 minutes and 39 seconds, faster ship to maintain the competitive edge to 95-88. Within five minutes, the Lakers failed to hit a ball. Jordan in the final 2 minutes 39 seconds and again performing the alley-oop dunk, Clippers 97-89 expand advantage. Game 1 minutes and 14 seconds, the Lakers finally by Pau Gasol layup. The two teams failed to score in the last minute after the Lakers missed two free throws, lost opportunities

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