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    I own a 1991 GL1500. Limited edition, anniversary model, Gold in color. I have a matching side car and trailer.

    Why do I point this out? Because Honda sold millions of this model all over world, and I see no one has yet posted a thread in this heading.

    Come on folks, dig out your old tired and weak 1500 Wings, and make those 1800 folks take notice we are still going strong and will not just fade away.

    Seriously, I am taking mine on vacation next month, along with my V8 bike, and I intend to get in some riding around the lakes with three lovely ladies on my bike and sidecar.

    I will post pics!

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    hey Gary- Marcus from SC and have a gl1500 1999se converted to a motor trike. leaving on vacation from SC to Nova Scotia with another couple 6/10/2011. take long 3 week rides each year. last year it was 6300 miles round trip to wisc, minn, nd, mont, wy, utah,nevada, cali, ariz, n mex, texas, louisianna, ala, georgia and home 3 weeks.
    have also been on separete trips to mt. rushmore, sd, grand canyon, ariz. and many more trips. a whole lot of fun, but a sore butt when finally home. everything we do is not planned or reservations, just take it as it comes. nicer that way, no restrictions

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