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    Default Trailer Tips and Tricks?

    Just purchased a new Motorcycle Cargo Trailer. Looking for tips, tricks and ideas for better use & enjoyment.

    I am already comfortable with trailering a 27' Camping trailer, so I know most basics. I'm curious about motorcycle loading/unloading, tie-downs, optional add-ons, finishing floors and walls, etc. and traveling/riding adventure.

    My unit: Haulmark, Transport Dlx, 7 x 14 V-Nose, Tandem Axles, Elec Brakes, RR Ramp Door, Side Door, 8 Tie-Downs (For two bikes), adding a Condor Wheel Chock Mechanism, side/roof vents, plywood floor/walls (unfinished).

    Any thoughts will be appreciated!
    A new member---DrData (Ron)

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    Well, you seem to have it covered. As far as loading, either keep it hooked to the bumper, or make sure your rear stabilizers are down so it doesn't rear back on you. Tieing down is simple if you have a helper, if not it's tricky but can be done. I always let it lean just a smidgen to the kickstand side so when I'm unloading, if alone, I can unloosen the one k-stand side first, then the other and it just sits down on the kickstand - of course, make sure your stand is down! Check the bike/s often while trailering. But good tie downs, at least 1.5 inch, if not 2inch. Get the soft loops that go around thebars or stanchions, then you hook into those with yuor tie downs. other then that -- saounds like you're good to go.

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    Also make sure while strapping it down,
    First: Compress the front forks down to keep the bike from bouncing around. Make sure the bike is straight up and down (plumb).
    Second: Strap down the rear by either attaching to the frame/swing arm or the rear tire by looping the strap around it like your trying to choke it. This will keep it from moving side to side and bouncing up and down.

    One good bump can unhook the straps and you'll find the bike on its side when you open the trailer.

    As for the kick stand, you can go both ways some people leave theirs down while other swear to leave it up. I leave it up.....

    DOWN pro: Helps take some of the bounce out of the bike
    DOWN con: If the bike does bounce it will either bend or break not only the stand but the mount to the frame and maybe even put a hole in the floor of the trailer.
    UP pro: Will not hurt the stand , bike, or trailer.
    UP con: There are none OR if the straps loosen it will not hold up the bike. Strap the bike right and you will have no problems.

    As for straps, ratchet type are the best ones to use. DO NOT EVER use tension type to secure bikes.
    Ride Hard!!!

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    I am a bit doubtful of whether i should join a trailer with my bike for upcoming trip . My friends tell me that adding a trailer shifts the centre of gravity and it becomes difficult o drive bike at high speeds . Is that right ? Please reply .

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