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    I recently put a post up with no responses so im trying again i reecently purchased the powercommander v with auto tune and v and h 2 into 1 with a drop in k and n filter is anyone running these same mods with the map from powercommander website or will there need to be tweeks. Can anyone tell if the bike runs good with the map powercommander offers? any responses are much appreciated i knew to this bike thing and im not that knowledgable about maps and AFR's so im looking some insight thanks alot.

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    Doubt my info will be of much help but since you didn't get any replies on your previous post, I thought I would give you my info.

    I put the V&H 2 into 1 with PCV put on my Raider about 2 weeks or so after I first bought the bike. I don't have the autotune or any aftermarket air box.

    My bike runs fine on whatever the Yamaha mechanics used for a map. I am assuming it must be the Power Commander map though I admit I don't know much about those things.

    I had popping during decel when I first got my pipes but when they put the PCV on (maybe a month later now that I remember) it cleared all that up.

    I have no complaints but also nothing really to compare it with.
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