I've been riding for 25 years and owned many different brands and
styles. In 98 I bought a Triumph Thunderbird Sport. I loved that dang
bike to death. I had one of the largest Thunderbird sites on the net.
Two years later I sold the bike and turned the site over to another
Triumph enthusiast. A year after that, the site was gone.

I've known very few people who keep the same model of bike all their
lives or even for years. The bike I'm riding this year may not be the
bike I'll be riding next year. I know many who have two, three, four
or more bikes. At one time I had six in my garage!

That's why we started MyBikeForums.com. We wanted to cater to all bike
enthusiasts no matter what you ride, this year or next. If you sell your bike
and try something different you'll still have a home and familiar faces on

There is something to be said for bike specific individual sites but
they tend to come and go when the owner sells his bike. We wanted to
create an enthusiast site that will be around for a good long time. No
shareware here. We've made the investment in software, servers and
resources. We have the staying power so your time investment in creating
posts (which in turn is a knowledge base for everyone else) will remain solid.

No matter what you're riding now, or decide to ride in the
future, we'll be here. MBF is a place to lean more about your own bike,
check out other bikes and bike lifestyles. It's also a place to share
stories, adventures and photos.

If you like to tell tall tales about how you did a ton up on your
Vespa, did wheelies on your cruiser down main street, or just post
a few pics of your latest chrome farkle...then you've found the
right place. If you want to talk politics, bash other people, sing the
latest gossip in Hollyweird or post freaky girlie pictures then hit
the door running brother. None of that happens here.

Our message boards are also work safe and family friendly. We do our
best to hold to a higher standard.

I love all bikes and I don't care whether it's a Scooter or a V8

That's the essence of MBF, people who own and love bikes,
people who share their experience and knowledge with others and
hopefully...long lasting friendships.

Ride safe brothers and sisters.